GSB – Information Security Programs for Banks

Explore the fundamental building blocks of a repeatable framework for cybersecurity and information security issues. Your information security program can be more than a document created for compliance. We will help develop a program that provides your institution with clear direction and guidance that meets and exceeds regulatory expectations while addressing real-world risks.

Some bank programs implemented today are a collection of documents pulled together over the years, that exists primarily to satisfy regulatory requirements. The Information Security Program should be a coordinated set of policies that work together to implement a unified set of controls across the organization. A daily playbook used by employees to fight cybercrime and not a collection of documents to satisfy auditors and examiners.

Discussion Topics

  • Regulatory Requirements
  • Purpose of repeatable cybersecurity frameworks
  • Program Basics for a solid frameworkITris
  • Detailed explanation of framework components
  • Next steps for a comprehensive, valuable, repeatable framework
  • Making decisions with the framework
  • See new issues and technologies automatically handled by a solid framework

Target Audience
Incident response team, information security officer, IT manager, risk officer, internal auditor, and IT focused staff members

SBS CyberSecurity, LLC

Registration Option
Live presentation $330

Recording available through April 28, 2022


Jan 28 2022


10:00 am - 11:30 am



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