GSB Trusts for Planning, Privacy and Protection

$275 Tuesday, May 14, 2019 10:00 AM Register

The popularity of trusts is growing. But it certainly has been a slow process. As few as 25 years ago, they were a mystery to most people. With roots in the formality of British royal governments of the Middle Ages, trusts were used by the Crown to exact its authority, protect its assets, and apply its laws.

Those uses were transplanted in Colonial America and are being harvested now. Energized by the freedom that runs through American legislative action, trusts are becoming vehicles used by those who are governed more than by the government itself.

Perhaps the most visible example of that positioning is the continual tug-of-war between our taxing authority (read “IRS”) and the American taxpayer. This webinar will examine how everyday Americans are using trusts to assist them in minimizing taxes.

It will also identify how professional fee-based planners are creating trust variations to address societal needs brought about by an increase in our divorce rates, blended marriages, identity thefts, welfare payments, non-profit endowment funds, and yes, even the movement from an agrarian-based society to an urban-based one.

So, what might be coming next? The title of this webinar hints at it all. As bankers and other professionals who relate regularly to customers with these needs, this webinar is designed to give the registrant insight into why certain trusts are popular and how they provide solutions that are in demand.

$275 Tuesday, May 14, 2019 10:00 AM Register