Health Savings Account Workshop

$225 Thursday, May 23, 2019 8:30 AM 60 Gasser Road Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin 53965 Register

Whether your financial organization is just entering the HSA marketplace or looking to enhance its current HSA program, this day-long seminar is the ideal training program. It will cover all aspects of a successful HSA program and give you a comprehensive curriculum along with a practical understanding of critical rules and operational issues.


  • Introduction to HSAs
    • Explain the benefits of an HSA
    • Discuss growth trends in the HSA Marketplace 
    • Define in-depth high deductible health plan (HDHP) requirements 
    • Recognize the HSA eligibility requirements and the testing period rules 
    • Describe exceptions to HDHP coverage 
  • Establishing an HSA
    • Summarize the process for establishing an HSA and the required documents 
    • Identify the requirements for amending HSA Documents 
    • Discuss past legislation that may have required an amendment 
  • HSA Funding
    • Define the contribution limits and the deadline 
    • Describe the last month rule and the testing period rules 
    • Discuss the effect of changes in HDHP coverage during the year 
    • State the rules for a qualified HSA funding distribution from an IRA and how they are reported
    • Discuss the effects of Medicare on funding eligibility 
  • HSA Distributions
    • Summarize the tax consequences of qualified and non-qualified distributions 
    • Describe ways to prevent an extension of credit to HSA owner and the ramifications of a prohibited transaction 
    • Communicate how HSA fees are handled 
    • Describe a mistaken distribution 
    • Correctly handle excess contributions 
    • Explain how to handle excess contributions when an HSA has a zero balance 
    • Explain the tax treatment of an HSA after the HSA owner's death 
    • Ensure accurate distribution reporting 
  • HSA Portability
    • Distinguish the rules for transfers and rollovers 
    • Ensure accurate rollover reporting 
  • HSA Compliance
    • Identify the financial organization's responsibilities in administering the HSA program 
    • Recognize the information sources used for HSA guidance 
    • Recognize financial organizations' responsibility versus HSA owners' responsibilities 

Who Should Attend: 
Industry professionals needing to become more comfortable with HSA rules. Those responsible for ensuring a compliant HSA department. Those needing an understanding of the basics of HSAs. Those looking for an update on the latest industry changes. Those who are responsible for internal systems, HSA transaction codes, and proper HSA administration.


The registration fee of $225 includes program registration, instruction and materials, refreshment breaks and lunch. 

Refund Policy:
A refund, less a $25 administrative fee, is provided for cancellations requested on or before May 20.

$225 Thursday, May 23, 2019 8:30 AM 60 Gasser Road Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin 53965 Register