Loan Documentation Webinar Series

$749/per institution Thursday, February 28, 2019 9:30 AM Register

This webinar series is designed to provide a basic understanding of loan documents and related concepts. Using real-life examples, the forms, laws, and regulations pertaining to documenting these loans will be thoroughly discussed. Participants will build the necessary foundation for attending future WBA lending schools and workshops. 

Session 1: 
WBA Fundamentals of Loan Documents - February 28

This webinar will review in detail the importance of the many components of loan documents, and the significance of security interests and priorities in collateral.  

Specifically, the topics to be covered include:

  • Why a credit application is obtained
  • What is a promissory note
  • Who is a borrower
  • What is a security agreement
  • What is meant by perfection of a security interest
  • What is meant by priority over other creditors

Session 2: 
WBA Introduction to Commercial Loan Documentation - March 19

For commercial loans, this webinar will review proper documentation of a loan to a limited liability company and a loan to a sole proprietor, each with various types of collateral including business assets and equipment, life insurance, stock, brokerage accounts, and a home. Guarantors will also be discussed.

Session 3: 
WBA Introduction to Agricultural Loan Documentation - April 9

For agricultural loans, this webinar will review proper documentation  of a loan to an individual to buy a tractor and a loan to a married couple secured by all farm collateral where the loan is repaid from milk sales.

This webinar will also review in detail the impact of cross-collateralization clauses in loan documents on requirements under the Flood Disaster Protection Act.


Loan Officers, Loan Processes, Loan Administrative Assistants, Compliance Officers, Bank Legal Counsel, as well as those who are new to lending.

$749/per institution Thursday, February 28, 2019 9:30 AM Register