Three Key Risk Assessments in Enterprise Risk Management

$245 Thursday, June 11, 2020 2:00 PM Register

Are you familiar with the three key risk assessments most critical to your financial institution’s enterprise risk management program? How do you plan, track, and report risk management activities to your regulators? Join this fast-paced webinar for practical tips and tools you can use to enhance your risk management practices.


  • Identify the three key risk assessments and how they fit into your ERM program
  • Understand how the risk assessment process works
  • Know the key characteristics of risk assessments based on industry best practices
  • Use an ERM risk assessment matrix to identify and assess your institution’s risks
  • Complete the IT and internal controls risk assessments
  • Identify other important types of risk assessments


This program will begin with a review of what ERM is, the three key phases of ERM, and how risk assessments fit in. Next, it will examine how the risk assessment process works, specifically focusing on three key risk assessments you must have as critical components of an ERM program: the Enterprise Risk Management Risk Assessment, the Information Technology Risk Assessment, and the Internal Controls Risk Assessment. Participants will receive practical risk management tools and examples that can be applied immediately.

$245 Thursday, June 11, 2020 2:00 PM Register