WBA/ABA Managing Funding, Liquidity and Capital

A summary of the bank funding types, liquidity issues and management of capital. Learn what funding is used by banks; how liquidity needs may be addressed by storing liquidity on the balance sheet or by securing additional funding; and bank capital’s purpose, regulatory requirements and the effect on profitability.

Audience: This course is designed for individuals involved in managing the bank’s investment portfolio.

The required textbook for this course is Bank Management, 8th Edition.

IMPORTANT:  Be sure to order the required book for this course if you do not have it.  We recommend that you FIRST select and add your course session to the shopping cart, then select your preferred format of book from the “Recommended Training” options that appear alongside the shopping cart.

*Please note this book is used for all four Bank Management courses: Managing Funding, Liquidity, and Capital, Managing Interest Rate Risk, Analyzing Bank Performance, and Managing the Bank’s Investment Portfolio.*

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Jun 06 2022 - Oct 31 2022



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