WBA In-House Legal Counsel Webinar Series – Complex Issues When Dealing with Death of Customer

A webinar focused on your bank’s in-house legal counsel!

WBA will be hosting a variety of webinars over the next few months, giving in-house bank attorneys the content they need to keep up-to-date on legal issues that affect a bank’s day-to-day operations. Participants will also have the opportunity to earn CLE credits on topics that are specific to the banking industry.

Webinar Information

  • Complex Issues When Dealing with death of customer
    • Best Practices when Dealing with:
      • Termination of decedent’s interest, HT 110 what is it and when should bank accept it
      • Transfer by affidavit, including check negotiation, use for closure of safe deposit box
      • Feuding family or POD beneficiaries
      • Guardian, POA or other fiduciary not cooperating
      • Death of single member of LLC
      • POD beneficiary wanting to disclaim beneficiary interest
      • Personal Representative requesting extraordinary amount of account records
      • Bank liabilities related by Social Security reclamation process
      • Termination of reoccurring debits to deposit account
      • Responding to DHS in Estate Recovery request
    • Rights of bank
      • Handling repayment of outstanding loan
      • Protecting against transfer of collateral ownership without bank knowledge
      • Interest in deposit account vs POD beneficiary interests

Who Should Attend:

Bank in-house legal counsel, attorneys, compliance officers, and bank management will benefit from this webinar.


Nov 22 2022


9:00 am - 11:00 am

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