Executive Letter: Board Slate, Power of Community

By Rose Oswald Poels

WBA Board Candidates Announced 

Donna Hoppenjan, president and CEO of Mound City Bank, Platteville, has been selected to become the 2021-22 WBA vice chair by the WBA Nominating Committee.

The nominating committee, which is comprised of the current WBA officers and recent past chairmen from WBA, also selected the following candidates to fill seats for three-year terms on the WBA Board of Directors: Greg Ogren, Security State Bank, Iron River (Group 1); Joe Peikert, Wolf River Community Bank, Hortonville (Group 2); Jay Mack, Town Bank, Hartland (Group 3); and Dan Ravenscroft, Royal Bank, Elroy (Group 4).

Pursuant to the WBA Bylaws, the above candidates shall be considered elected on April 2 unless other nominees are offered by petition submitted to the WBA office by April 1. The Nominating Committee received many nominations of excellent candidates making the selection process very difficult.

The Committee, led by WBA Past Chair Mark Meloy, wishes to thank everyone for their interest in serving on the WBA Board, along with your continued strong support of WBA.

Harnessing the Power of Community

Since 2018 WBA has been proud to organize our Power of Community Week and it’s time to once again sign up to participate this year. This campaign was developed to showcase to elected leaders and the public the power of bringing member banks together for the purpose of engaging, serving, and celebrating our communities through volunteer efforts conducted over a concentrated period. During the first quarter of 2020, the campaign was set to be yet another great opportunity for over 2,000 bankers to showcase the thousands of volunteer hours you give to local charitable groups and other organizations that many of you also help year-round. Then, as March settled in a way no one could have ever expected, the phrase “Power of Community” suddenly held a new sense of urgency – and bankers were quick to acknowledge this.

As a result of the pandemic, bankers found new ways to volunteer and help their communities. It was inspiring to witness that in these moments of chaos and uncertainty, you still found ways to offer assistance and lend a helping hand. Whether it was supporting local restaurants, donating to food pantries, or distributing hand-sewn masks, the obstacles and limitations set forth could not prevent you from making a difference.

As the pandemic approaches another year, we again reflect on what it means to show the power of community. During the week of April 19-24, the fourth Annual WBA Power of Community Week campaign will call on our members to engage in these efforts, serve these communities, and celebrate these accomplishments. We invite you to offer your time however possible to support those in need. From creating a lesson plan on financial education for local schools to finding inventive ways of expressing gratitude to frontline workers, there is no shortage of ways, and there is no wrong way, to participate during another year that highlights how every community in our state is positively impacted by our industry’s efforts.

For ideas on how to take part in this year’s Power of Community Week, WBA has documented a few of the creative ways that our industry adapted in response to the global shutdown. You can sign up for this year’s Power of Community campaign here. Thank you for all that you do to make Wisconsin a better place, both in your neighborhoods and statewide.