Executive Letter: Investing in Your Women Leaders

By Rose Oswald Poels

With Tuesday’s conclusion of our 2021 Empowering Women in Banking Series, I want to thank all of you who made the decision to invest in your women leaders. Many of you mark this event as an annual one to participate in, while others joined us for the first time to empower women through personal and professional development. Whichever category you may be a part of, I hope you and your team benefited greatly from the variety of critical topics addressed by this year’s keynote speakers as well as Erica Dhawan‘s book, Digital Body Language that each attendee received.

The series began with Rachel Sheerin, CPBA, discussing the importance of managing burnout, setting expectations, and placing boundaries in the workplace. During the following week, Erica Dhawan, founder and CEO of Cotential offered insight into connectional intelligence, the communication of your mind, and the value of thoughtfulness. The final day closed the summit with a presentation by Laura Mael, director of business development for Lift Consulting LLC, on building leadership presence, providing effective feedback, and developing beneficial strategies. To read more on these three presentations, one of WBA’s Associate Members, Lerdahl Business Interiors, has documented summaries and reactions from attendees on each day of the conference.

Even through this shift to virtual learning, over 260 people from a total of seven states signed up to attend this event. Thank you to FHLBank Chicago, Bankers’ Bank, Bell Bank, and Wipfli LLP for sponsoring this conference. Thank you to our presenters for sharing their knowledge and experience, and thank you for supporting this program aimed at empowering our women in banking.

As this exclusively virtual event comes to a close, I am excited to watch our hybrid events expand, see our new Engagement Center filled with bankers, and experience a return to normalcy that feels closer with each day. I’ve been getting out to visit bankers as people are more comfortable and I look forward to seeing more of you at your bank or at WBA events over this next year.