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Executive Letter: The Impact of Community Banks

By Rose Oswald Poels

Members of community banks know that their financial institutions provide more than just a loan – they contribute to the progress, work through the challenges, and celebrate the achievements of every individual, family, and business throughout each neighborhood. April’s Community Banking Month highlights this relationship that has created countless positive stories between bankers and their customers, and WBA is excited to take these stories and share them throughout Wisconsin.

April is truly a month full of opportunity to showcase the many ways banks are involved in the growth of their communities. Alongside Community Banking Month, WBA’s Power of Community Week is off to a strong start as of Monday, April 19. This week encourages bankers to work within their communities to provide support and services to those in need, and we have already received word on some of the many ways banks are volunteering their time. From fundraisers to food drives, meal programs to park cleanups, and so much more, WBA is proud to map out each participating bank and their efforts and share them with others to see just how impactful the power of community can be.

This month further marks Teach Children to Save Day which spotlights the significance of teaching our youth why saving money is so crucial. Many bankers have ordered a free Reading Raises Interest Kit from the Wisconsin Bankers Foundation and have already recorded themselves or a colleague reading a financial literacy book that will be sent to classrooms to promote the importance of financial responsibility to Wisconsin’s students. In doing so, banks are playing a critical role in educating our state’s youth.

We at WBA know that you are assisting your communities year-round, but we are excited to dedicate this time during Community Banking Month, Power of Community Week, and Teach Children to Save Day to capture all the ways you give back. Each month, each week, and each day, you are spending the year making your communities a better place. Being a community bank means so much more than giving to a community – it means being a part of it. Thank you so much for participating in these important public events!