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Executive Letter: WBA Staff Raise Over $6,000 for United Way

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Rose Oswald PoelsBy Rose Oswald Poels

A focus on community is one of the values the Wisconsin Bankers Association staff shares with our members. Last week, WBA held an annual fundraiser for staff to help raise money for the United Way. As an organization, we strive to be advocates for the wellbeing of our community. This fundraiser provides an opportunity to engage with the social and societal issues such as education, health, poverty, and income that in turn impact the communities our banks and employees are a part of.

The United Way focuses on building stability and establishing diverse communities, a goal that aligns well with the banking industry and its ability to thrive. The vision of the organization involves every aspect of a family, from preparing children for education through decreasing poverty and homelessness to identifying and treating health issues early.

The fundraiser was a three-day event and included an assortment of treats, raffles for staff-favored items, stickers for casual dress days, and the ability to e-pledge. We set an ambitious goal this year to help raise $5,500 for the United Way and our community and welcomed any amount that staff members were willing to donate. Although participation in the event was not required, I am excited and pleased to announce that the staff of 45 people raised over $6,000 in pledges!

Coming together for a common goal was also an opportunity to promote a positive workplace culture. Employees commented that they enjoyed the chance to connect with colleagues they don’t necessarily work with on a day-to-day basis and that they liked having an easy way to get involved in a service activity together.

I am proud of our staff members who donated on behalf of our association and continue to advocate for the communities around us. Like our member banks and Associate Members, we at WBA are eager to empower the communities that we live and work in