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Farmers and Merchants State Bank Celebrates Upcoming Retirements

Kim Abraham

Farmers and Merchants State Bank (F&M Bank) in Waterloo is celebrating the upcoming retirements of two employees — Kim Abraham and Pam Davison.

Kim Abraham has been an asset at F&M Bank’s Waterloo branch since she started in 2002 as a marketing consultant. In her years of service at the bank, Abraham has helped to build a strong sense of community and support among customers and employees alike.

When asked about her proudest moments at F&M Bank, Abraham shared “I’m proud of all the ways that we have been able to share positivity in people’s lives like our annual tailgate, holiday garage sale to benefit the food pantry, our Facebook & website, teach kids to save, even our mascot — Penny the Pig — still brings smiles to faces.”

We would like to thank Abraham for her years of dedicated service to F&M Bank and wish her all the best!

Pam Davison

Pam Davison has been a trusted banking professional at F&M Bank for over four decades at our Waterloo branch. Throughout her career, Davison has always put her customers and co-workers first, going the extra mile to help out. She will be greatly missed by all who had the pleasure of working with her.

When asked what she will miss most about banking, Davison said, “It’s my customer base that I’ll truly miss. I love helping people — that’s just my nature. I’ve always considered F&M to be my second family.”

Davison’s work at the bank has truly made a difference in the lives of its customers, and she will be greatly missed upon her retirement. Thank you, Davison, for everything!