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Farmers & Merchants Union Bank Educates Area Residents About Popular Scams

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Image features Shaina Hannaman (left) and Samantha Petrie (right) speaking to a group at the Columbus Senior Center.

Between January, 2020 and June, 2021, more than $13 million was lost nationwide due to “grandparent scams” alone and these are just the numbers that were reported. It is statistics such as these that Farmers & Merchants Union Bank (FMUB) feels strongly about educating our community members regarding scams that target consumers who want to help their loved ones. On December 6, FMUB employees, Shaina Hannaman and Samantha Petrie, did just that by speaking to a group at the Columbus Senior Center.

During their presentation, Hannaman and Petrie discussed scam basics: what to look for, charity scams (a hot topic with the holidays in full swing), and grandparent scams (a subject that could or has affected this group the most). Participants walked away with knowledge on what to do the next time one of them receives a phone call, email, text, or piece of mail trying to scam him or her out of their hard-earned money, along with a main message: Be sure to talk to someone if you are unsure of a situation! Talk to your financial institution, talk to Farmers & Merchants Union Bank we are always happy to help, even if you are not customer. FMUB is here to help prevent you from becoming part of the $13 million in losses reported as a ‘grandparent scam’, along with many other scams there is not much Farmers & Merchants Union Bank has not seen or heard about, we are here for you!