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FNC Bank Powers Branches With 100% Renewable Energy

Effective February 2022, FNC Bank has moved to renewable energy sources to power each of its four branch buildings.

The bank partnered with New Richmond Utilities (serving its New Richmond branch), and Xcel Energy (serving its Hudson, Somerset, and Dresser branches) to shift to 100% renewable energy sources. This approach meets sustainability goals using dedicated wind, solar, and biogas resources, and achieves the bank’s goal of fully powering all FNC Bank buildings with 100% renewable energy. The decision to move to a cleaner power source is consistent with the bank’s commitment to social responsibility within the communities is it serves.

“FNC Bank is very proud to take full advantage of energy programs through the local utility companies to power our branches with 100% renewable energy. We feel that choosing this path is not only our responsibility in furthering the larger goal of energy sustainability, it also fits squarely with our 100+ year tradition of being community-minded in everything we do. These energy partnerships enable all of our buildings to be powered 100% by renewable energy.”

The bank’s move to 100% renewable energy will result in the annual equivalent of 98 cars being taken off the road, 122.5 acres of trees planted, or 180 tons of coal not burned.