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Forward Bank Commits to $50,000 supporting C2 Makerspace

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Pictured left to right: Shari Kaiser, John Dickenson, Sandy Klatt, Ron Wilczek, Ken Hastreiter, Kylan Hastreiter, Bill Sennholz, Chris Dammerell, Jenny Miller, and Megan Davis-Rosandich.

Forward Bank has committed to $50,000 in support for the C2 Makerspace. The Forward team presented the first $25,000 to Ken and Kylan Hastreiter from Shiloh Bound and will support the initiative with $5,000 per year for the next five years.

The C2 Makerspace original vision came from the Hastreiter family with the goal of creating a space that provides hands-on learning for students, entrepreneurs, and the community through innovation and exploration. The Makerspace will be located on the University of Wisconsin–Stevens Point, Marshfield campus and will be equipped with cutting edge technology, tools, resources, and equipment. This is a collaboration of local schools and businesses with the goal of closing the knowledge gap and providing opportunities to follow career paths into various trades.

“We’re excited to see C2 Makerspace offer high tech extracurricular opportunities and other activities for 5th–12th graders for students in the surrounding Marshfield area,” commented Kylan Hastreiter.

“I’m genuinely excited to see the focus on creating learning spaces that focus on students looking for careers in fabrication and other trades,” stated Bill Sennholz, CEO of Forward Bank. “Our local businesses need the C2 Makerspace to help bring those interested in these fields up to speed on the technology of today. The schools collaborating on this initiative will have access to what students will use in real world work, putting their students ahead of the game in looking for jobs in their chosen fields.