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Legacy Private Trust Company Announces Re-brand and New Website Launch

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Legacy Private Trust Company is proud to announce a corporate re-brand to honor their 18th year of business. Legacy was founded in 2004, and at the time, our founders developed the original logo to convey an image of success, growth, and upward-trending results. The average lifespan of a corporate logo is ten years. While our original logo has served us well, we felt the need to undergo a brand revitalization to reflect continual changes in technology and to resonate with future generations of clients without alienating our existing client base.

Several aspects of the logo have remained the same, such as our corporate colors and typefaces. However, to avoid any confusion with the cell phone battery or network connectivity icons that did not exist 18 years ago, the decision was made by senior leadership to update the logo graphic. Legacy’s new logo positions us for a bright future and provides our clients and employees with clear and compelling messaging that speaks to our mission and business goals.

To reflect the updated branding, Legacy also launched a new website. The new site is designed to improve the user experience, contains more information about our company, and is more engaging. Key features of the new site include added video content and photography featuring our staff, a revised list of our service offerings, and a focus on who we are and how we stand out from our competition.