Legal Q&A: New Compliance Resources Now Available

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Help your team make the most of WBA’s robust online resources

By Scott Birrenkott

Q: Does WBA Have New Resources Available for Compliance Officers?

A: Yes. WBA recently added new, updated resources to its website.

WBA continues to ass to its new website — one such section recently updated was the Compliance Resources page. The Compliance Resources page can be found by visiting wisbank.com/resources/compliance or by navigating from the home page to the News and Resources tab found in the top menu, scrolling down, and looking for the red button under the heading Don’t Face Changes Alone.

On this section of the website, bankers will find previously listed resources such as the most recent WBA Compliance Journal, the comment letter library, links to Wisconsin laws, various compliance toolkits, and a number of new resources. New sections and resources include a monthly FAQ, a recently released resources section, most frequently requested resources, popular legal Q&As, and a new video series called the “WBA Compliance Corner.”

These resources will be updated and refreshed frequently as well as discuss hot topics, recently issued rulemakings, and commonly faced situations.

For example, the monthly FAQ is taken from questions received through the WBA legal call program to provide an answer to the most frequently asked question by Wisconsin bankers each month. The recently released resources section provides WBA’s newest creations — such as a flowchart for Wisconsin’s newly Revised Uniform Unclaimed Property Act. The most frequently requested resources section compiles some of the most useful guides and articles. The popular legal Q&As includes answers to the most frequently asked questions, and common scenarios bankers are likely to encounter. Lastly, the WBA Compliance Corner is a brand-new, monthly video series designed to provide the most recent compliance news in a concise presentation of 30–40 minutes, along with links to applicable material.

WBA hopes compliance staff and others interested in these resources find them useful. Additionally, while not new, WBA of course still maintains the legal call program. Certainly do not hesitate to contact WBA legal at wbalegal@wisbank.com or 608-441-1200.