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Motivational Speaker Inspires Local Wisconsin Schools

First National Bank and Trust Company’s Promise series, Tasha Schuh, visited students in Arcadia, Independence, and Whitehall, May 12–13, 2022.

Three Wisconsin schools recently filed into gymnasiums and auditoriums to hear from speaker, author, and resilience expert, Tasha Schuh, who educates, inspires, and builds resilience for mental and emotional health. The presentation was part of First National Bank and Trust Company’s Promise series visiting over 1,000 middle school and high school students in Arcadia, Independence, and Whitehall, May 12–13, 2022.

This year’s presenter was national speaker, Tasha Schuh, who sees lives impacted and empowered by teaching others how to live a life of resilience, through her speaking engagements and curriculum. Schuh makes an impact and inspires real progress with students’ mental health awareness, along with skill-based coping mechanisms.

Schuh pushed through a life-changing theater accident that left her paralyzed from the chest down at the age of 16 and though has struggled with depression has created a vibrant, fulfilling life. She has dedicated her life to helping youth navigate struggles with mental and emotional health — Schuh is a survivor, a believer, and a fighter.

“Our students need to hear Tasha’s message of hope and perseverance now, more than ever. She reminds us all that we have to develop a positive attitude to get through the tough times, and that it is possible to get through the tough times,” said Independence School District School Counselor Dawn Woychik.

Today, local youth need resiliency skills training. Schuh’s platform shares the need to be equipped with emotional knowledge, so that they can get through uncertain times. She reinforced the four keys to resilience, which are purpose, attitude, team, and hope. Schuh also encouraged anyone to sign up for her free weekly inspirational messages by texting PITCREW to 33222.

“Tasha is inspiring and her message reached so many of our students and staff. We loved having the opportunity to speak with her after the presentation to show appreciation for Tasha’s bravery to share her own story, but to also have our students and staff share their own stories and how they could relate to Tasha’s resilience,” said Whitehall School District Middle School Counselor Taylor Klemme. “Tasha and Doug (Tasha’s husband) do a fantastic job of trying to connect with every person they meet which makes their message even more impactful and personal.”

“Tasha’s message was spot on and did a phenomenal job relating to students and helping others to find their PATH (Purpose, Attitude, Team, Hope). Everyone in the room was able to relate to her message in some way,” said Arcadia Middle/High School Associate Principal and Athletic Director Wyatt Anderson.

Anderson added, “When I asked students about it, one of them said she was ‘The best speaker we’ve ever had.’ Another, when asked what they will take away from Tasha’s message, said ‘Surround yourself with good people,’ clearly referring to the “T” in PATH.”