New Hemp Resource from FIPCO! Hemp Questionnaire and Certification

Got questions on banking customers engaged in hemp-related activities in Wisconsin? 

FIPCO has developed a form that helps your bank ask the right questions and obtain the documentation needed to determine if your customer is complying with Wisconsin law. This form specifically provides a list of questions staff should be asking as well as a Certification that may provide your financial institution with additional comfort in banking these customers.

This questionnaire will benefit: 
Loan Officers, BSA officers, Compliance Officers, Corporate decision-makers

Annual Cost (fillable PDF)

  • WBA Member: $195 
  • Non-WBA-Member: $235
  • FIPCO Compliance Concierge Software User: complimentary (accessed through Blank Forms at www.fipco.com). This complimentary form will be included directly in the software soon.

NOTE: The annual cost of the form includes free updates and revisions, should they be made to the form.

What does the Hemp Questionnaire and Certification provide to my bank? 

  • A document solution for banking participants in the hemp industry. 
  • A list of questions to ask the Applicant in order to make decisions about the risk level in banking the Applicant 
  • Documentation the bank should consider obtaining when banking participants in the hemp industry 
  • Additional comfort in banking these parties

How will it directly help my bank? 
Provides the framework of questions to ask and documentation available to make determinations about whether the Applicant should be banked, consistent with your financial institution's policies and procedures.

Why should my bank purchase the Hemp Questionnaire and Certification?

  • This document distills Wisconsin law into a pragmatic document solution that allows you to ask the right questions and obtain the documentation necessary to determine whether the Applicant is complying with Wisconsin law. 
  • It asks questions that are relevant in determining whether your financial institution and/or the Applicant are in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. 
  • It's flexible and can be customized to be consistent with your policies and procedures. Contact fipcoforms@fipco.com for more information.

Buy now! Contact fipcoforms@fipco.com.

By, Amber Seitz