April is Financial Literacy Month, WBA Launches New Initiatives

(Madison) April is Financial Literacy month and this year the efforts by bankers to promote consumers’ financial capability have never been greater in the state of Wisconsin. From legislation promoting financial literacy in schools to the launch of a new online resource connecting education providers with consumers, WBA is taking Financial Literacy Month in April to a new level.

Here are 5 ways the Wisconsin Bankers Association is tackling April’s Financial Literacy Month:

MyMazuma.com Launch
This web platform connects financial education providers with consumers who are searching for answers. The website is the Yelp© of financial education, giving consumers a one-stop-shop to find resources ranging from YouTube videos to classroom instruction and services like free tax preparation. The platform officially launches at the end of April at www.MyMazuma.com.

Financial Literacy Legislation
Financial literacy is a fundamental skill which all consumers should learn. WBA endorses and will be promoting LRB 2760/1 which directs each school board to adopt academic standards for financial literacy and incorporate instruction into the curriculum in grades kindergarten to 12.

Teach Children to Save Day
April 28 is Teach Children to Save Day. This event was originally established to spotlight the importance of teaching our youth about saving money. It occurs every April when bankers make presentations to students in grades K-12 about budgeting, saving, recognizing needs and wants and how interest makes money grow. Last year, bankers made 523 presentations and reached 13,129 students.

TechFest Inaugural Event
In conjunction with the UW-Madison Digital Studies Program, the Wisconsin Bankers Foundation and WBA have created an event where students will collaborate with financial education resource providers (companies like EconomicsWisconsin and banks). On April 22, students will share information with participating non-profits about trends in digital technology while adding high-value resources to the financial-literacy oriented website MyMazuma. The inaugural event will be held in April with a subsequent event to be held at UW-La Crosse in May.

2 Official Proclamations by Governor Scott Walker
Governor Walker issued a proclamation acknowledging April as Financial Literacy Month as well as the importance of promoting this fundamental skill. He also issued a second, separate proclamation recognizing April as Community Banking Month which highlights the many ways banks support their communities in Wisconsin, including their support of financial literacy. 

Financial Literacy Month is the perfect time to highlight the need for this fundamental skill as well as how Wisconsin’s banks assist their communities on this critical topic.