“The Wisconsin Bankers Association (WBA) applauds Attorney General Brad Schimel’s creation of a Task Force to tackle the issue of elder abuse. The issue of elder financial abuse has long been an area of concern for Wisconsin’s banks and the industry continues to explore new ways of protecting our customers.

The task force is a fantastic way to compile the resources and knowledge of so many different groups who are all devoted to the idea of protecting our friends, family and neighbors from becoming victims. The efforts of this group will undoubtedly strengthen consumer protection for seniors across the state.

We also want to thank David Gorr, Johnson Financial Group, for volunteering to represent the banking industry on the task force. Gorr has a strong background in bank security as well as law enforcement which he brings to the table. His unique perspective and deep experience will be a welcome addition to the effort of preventing elder abuse.

The Wisconsin Bankers Association looks forward to continuing to work with Attorney General Brad Schimel and the task force on this issue moving forward.