“If you are looking for a little bit of sunshine to brighten up your day after the endless snow, you should take a look at the latest FDIC quarterly numbers for banks. 

We’re betting that’s the first time you’ve ever heard anyone make that suggestion.

Across the board, 2018 was a very strong year for Wisconsin’s banks as well as the state’s economy. In almost every category, lending grew each quarter with commercial lending showing the largest growth (11.3%) and farm loans showing the second biggest growth (4.2%). Total deposits increased 2.6% to just over $90 billion.

Consumers should also be smiling as their finances continue to show improvement as noncurrent loans and leases dropped a staggering 12% over the course of the year.

What makes our smile grow a little wider is the fact that in a December 2017 WBA survey of nearly 100 Wisconsin bank CEOs, respondents accurately predicted this would happen. 

And, the 2018 version of the same survey showed over half the respondents believe 2019 will be the same for banks and consumers. 

That’s the kind of news that almost makes us ignore the reports of more snow coming our way… almost."

FDIC Reported WI Numbers* 

  12/31/17 12/31/18 Change
Total Loans & Leases $80,314,844 $83,410,941 + 3.9%
Total Deposits  $89,075,870 $91,352,616 + 2.6%
Commercial & Industrial Loans $13,124,219 $14,606,791 + 11.3%
Residential Loans  $23,488,253 $23,665,577 + .8%
Farm Loans $3,969,576 $4,135,208 + 4.2%
Farmland Loans $3,380,094 $3,516,965 + 4.0%
Total Assets $112,945,995 $116,240,046 + 2.9%
Noncurrent Loans & Leases  $675,820  $591,206 - 12.5%


 * dollar figures in thousands