Michael Semmann is the Executive Vice President/ Chief Operations Officer for the Wisconsin Bankers Association (WBA), responsible for the oversight and implementation of the advocacy, legal, communications and public relations objectives for the Association.

Semmann works directly with the WBA Board of Directors to develop internal and external strategic initiatives and serves as a liaison to bank CEOs throughout Wisconsin. Semmann serves as an industry representative to all levels of Wisconsin government and advises the WBA on a wide range of banking issues.

Semmann is also the President of nVestWisconsin, LLC, created to use the federal JOBS Act and the Wisconsin CASE Act to develop and advance intrastate crowdfunding platform operations and to provide financing and investment opportunities for Wisconsin domiciled companies and residents.

As the Executive Director for the newly created Wisconsin Bankers Foundation, he helps promote financial education in Wisconsin. The Foundation is responsible for administering the National Teach Children to Save Day program in Wisconsin, which coordinates hundreds of volunteers to help young people develop a positive savings habit early in life. Annually, the Wisconsin Bankers Foundation distributes free Reading Raises Interest Kits to each WBA bank branch that requests one. The kits assist volunteer bankers who give presentations to elementary age students.

Prior to joining WBA, Semmann was the Director of Political Affairs for the Wisconsin Builders Association, Executive Director for the Madison Area Apartment Association and Government Affairs Director for the Madison Area Builders Association.

He is a Past President of the Association of Wisconsin Lobbyists and volunteer for many community organizations. Mike joined the WBA in 2004 as Director – Government Relations. He holds a degree in Economics from the University of Wisconsin – Madison.