Easy-to-understand, usable and meaningful compensation and benefits data about the Wisconsin banking industry!

Now available to you, the 2020 Wisconsin Banking Industry Compensation & Benefits Report is the largest Wisconsin-specific report containing salary and benefit information for 113 different jobs with data from 109 participating Wisconsin banks!

Survey benefits:

  • Easy-to-understand, usable and meaningful survey data critical for making compensation decisions
  • Wage and salary information for both exempt and non-exempt employees available in a wide range of bank employee positions
  • Higher level of wage and salary data for use by your internal HR staff in developing a compensation matrix enabling you to understand exact expenditures and what changes might be needed to be more competitive
  • Summary data about employee benefits for different groups of employees
  • The MRA Dynamic Online Reporting Tool gives you the exact information you need when you want it


  • 2020 Survey Participants: $195 + Sales Tax

After finishing your purchase, you will receive a confirmation email. We will then follow up with you to verify your order and email you the PDF version of the report. WBA’s report partner, MRA, follow up with an email containing login credentials for the online reporting tools which come with your purchase.

Please note that your report order will be reviewed prior to fulfillment to ensure that it is delivered to the appropriate individual in your organization.

Questions? Contact WBA's Miranda Helt at 608-441-1270 or via email.

Wisconsin Banking Industry Compensation Report

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