For the protection of your employees, customers and community, it is imperative that your preparation and training, as well as policies and procedures, align with today's reality.

In addition to the complimentary seminars, WBA has partnered with Blue-U Defense to provide discounted workplace safety services for member banks. Blue-U is offering a 15% discount on all services, including in-bank training, to all members who mention WBA when contacting Blue-U.

WBA members can hire Blue-U to provide training for bank employees, business customers and/or the community as well as perform a physical security assessment on your facility.

Available services include: 

  • Custom training for your bank’s security professionals
  • Custom training for your bank employees
  • Physical security assessments identifying your bank’s weaknesses and vulnerabilities; the results provide you with recommendations and a plan on how to correct any identified issues
  • Review of your bank’s existing security procedures and policies

Your employees are your most valuable asset, and their safety is a top priority. These services transcend the workplace, providing your employees with the means to react in fractions of a second--not only at the workplace but also in their homes and your community.

How do I take advantage of this offer?

Contact Blue-U Defense directly and tell them you are a WBA member and want to take advantage of the 15% discount that can be applied to all services.
Terry Choate
You can also visit their website at to view all the services they provide.