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SBA Updates PPP Portal for Certain Second Draw Loans

Origination Updates:    

As the 2021 (1st draw borrowers) are now becoming eligible for their 2nd draw PPP loan, SBA has provided the authorization to adjust the platform controls to ensure you can successfully submit second applications for these borrowers.  We plan to deploy these changes in production in the near future.  

As you know, the PPP platform already supports second draw loans for the borrowers who received their first draw loan last year (2020).  

Here is the summary of technical changes:  

  • If the 2021 first draw loan is fully disbursed, the lender can submit a second draw loan for the borrower.  This will be an important requirement to understand; the 2021 loans will still need to be fully disbursed in ETRAN. You can use the normal 1502 process or direct ETRAN. 
  • Get /api/origination/?tin=NNNNNNNNN&tin_type=N may return more than one Loan details in the response  
  • GET /api/etran_ppp_validation/?sba_number=NNNNNNNNNN can be used by Lenders to validate First draw loan  

With this advance notification, please think about your individual strategies to ensure your interface and systems will support more than one 2021 PPP loans for same borrower as applicable.  

All other PPP controls and requirements regarding 2nd draws will remain in place.  

GitHub will be updated by tomorrow to reflect these changes.


Feel free to reach out to developer@ussbaforgiveness.com, if you have any technical queries.

By, Alex Paniagua