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Sheep Resolve More than Sleeplessness with Prevail Bank’s Help

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Pictured (left to right): Back – Cherie Lenz and Bobbi Taylor, Prevail Bank professionals. Front – Landon and Dakotah Patrie.

4-H-ers have to be in 3rd grade to sell their prize winning livestock from the Price County Fair at the “Market Animal Auction”. Dakotah and Landon Patrie knew this as they watched the older children parade their animals in the market ring. Cherie Lenz noticed their sad faces and witnessed the interaction between them and their grandmother as she explained the rules and said, “Someday you will be able to show your animals in the ring.” That comment prompted Lenz to step forward, politely introduce herself, and extend an offer to purchase Dakotah’s and Landon’s sheep for $1,000. Lenz, who was representing Prevail Bank that day, turned heartache to happiness.

But Prevail Bank didn’t stop there. The bank donated the 126 lbs. of lamb chops, burger, steaks, and roasts to St Vincent DePaul’s Food Pantry in Phillips to help provide a reprieve for the 211 households who struggle to make ends meet.

Pictured (left to right) are: Patricia Melby, St Vincent DePaul’s Food Pantry, and Bobbi Taylor, Prevail Bank professional.

“We are excited to support so many people through one action,” said Lenz, Prevail Bank branch manager. “We (Prevail Bank) supported two future farmers or young entrepreneurs through the purchase of their sheep; in addition to providing fresh meat for hundreds of people who are hungry in Price County. Solving problems, fulfilling dreams — that’s what we do at Prevail.”

Prevail Bank has heart and compassion,” said Kendal Patrie, mother of Dakotah and Landon. “It’s hard to put into words how much Cherie’s actions affected our family that day. It will always be remembered.”

Prevail Bank’s core values are: Put people first; be a solution seeker; do the right thing; take ownership. Cherie Lenz fulfilled all four of those philosophies on Friday, August 26.