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State Bank of Reeseville Adds Three to Board of Directors

Adam K. Bradley

Three new directors joined the remaining four directors on the board at State Bank of Reeseville (SBR) starting on the first of the New Year. The vacancies were left by two board members who retired effective December 31, 2021. The two retirees are Gerald W. Yerges and Robert D. Kohn.

Yerges was a longtime employee at SBR, he started his employment as an assistant cashier (1962) and was elected president in 1984. He served as president until his retirement in 2007. He continued to serve on the board until 2021, for a total of 59 years with the bank. Kohn is a former dairy farmer in the area. He helped support the growth of the banks agriculture portfolio in addition to the banks overall operations. He faithfully served on the board for 29 years (1993).

Brandon M. Mueller

The four remaining directors: Jerry L. Adams (president & CEO), John E. Leistico, Scott E. Lenius, and George L. Neuberger, Jr. voted to appoint three new directors to fill the vacancies.

Debra L. Polsin

The appointed directors are Adam K. Bradley, Brandon M. Mueller, and Debra L. Polsin. Bradley is the current senior vice president and controller at SBR, he began his employment in 2019. Mueller previously served as vice president – lending at SBR from 2014–2016 and is currently an independent Insurance Agent in Watertown. Polsin is the banks former cashier and operations officer and spent a total of 36 years with SBR from 1982–2018.

Adams stated, “The diversity and banking knowledge of these three prominent individuals will support the strategic goals of our organization. Their rich history with our financial institution will provide an unrivaled advantage to help us meet our goals.”