Statement on Latest FDIC Quarterly Numbers

“Wisconsin banks continue to prove how far we have come in the last few years according to the latest FDIC quarterly numbers. Despite a modest decrease in commercial loans, overall lending grew to over $75 billion, a 5% increase when compared to the same timeframe in 2015.

The banking industry also hit a benchmark this quarter with the Deposit Insurance Fund’s Reserve Ration surpassing 1.15%. The reserve is currently at 1.17%. This is the reservoir, fully funded by the financial industry, which protects taxpayers from the financial fallout of a failed bank.

Wisconsin banks continue to move forward despite a wide variety of obstacles challenging the industry including:

  • A prolonged low interest rate environment
  • Compliance and technology costs escalating every year
  • The number of bank mergers in Wisconsin continuing to increase. Seventeen mergers were announced in 2016 compared to 12 in 2015 (which was also considered a large number in recent years).

The latest numbers simply highlight the fact that the diversity of Wisconsin’s strong banking industry directly benefits Wisconsin consumers. For over 150 years, Wisconsin banks have been safely helping businesses grow and families prosper, creating thriving communities. Our institutions are healthy, well-capitalized and ready to help keep our economy growing.”

FDIC Reported WI Numbers*

  6/30/16 6/30/15 Change
Total Loans & Leases $75,699,289 $72,080,859 + 5.0
Total Deposits $83,075,678 $81,656,290 + 1.7
Commercial & Industrial Loans $12,760,719 $13,124,769 – 2.7
Residential Loans $22,428,393 $22,341,555 + 0.3
Total Assets $107,235,162 $103,726,582 + 3.3
Noncurrent Loans & Leases $881,991 $898,814 – 1.8

*$ in 000's

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