Statement on the release of first quarter 2016 FDIC numbers from Rose Oswald Poels, president/CEO of the Wisconsin Bankers Association

“Virtually every category of lending by Wisconsin’s banks saw growth during the first quarter of 2016 according to the latest FDIC quarterly numbers. Overall, lending grew to over $74 billion, a 6.5% increase, when compared to the same timeframe in 2015. This is an optimistic start to the year as banks continue their integral role in driving economic growth and help Wisconsin’s businesses grow and families prosper.

Commercial lending grew 5.1% to $13.5 billion, an influx of $700 million from Wisconsin banks to help businesses grow. And, residential lending grew as indicated by a 3.4% increase in loans from $22 billion to $22.7 billion. Noncurrent loans and leases shrank 4.8% million highlighting Wisconsin consumers are better able to meet their financial obligations.

The latest numbers simply highlight the fact that the diversity of Wisconsin’s strong banking industry directly benefits Wisconsin consumers. For over 150 years, Wisconsin banks have been safely helping businesses grow and families prosper, creating thriving communities. Our institutions are healthy, well-capitalized and ready to help keep our economy growing.

FDIC Reported WI Numbers*

  3/31/16  3/31/15 Change
Total Loans & Leases $74,932,900 $70,373,537 + 6.5%
Total Deposits  $84,877,274 $82,083,173 + 3.4%
Commercial & Industrial Loans $13,541,622 $12,878,915 + 5.1%
Residential Loans $22,793,214 $22,048,788 + 3.4%
Total Assets  $107,298,823  $102,912,192 + 4.3%
Noncurrent Loans & Leases $925,338 $972,151 – 4.8%

  * $ in 000’s

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