Statement Urging Congress to Act on USMCA

Statement from WBA President and CEO Rose Oswald Poels urging Congress to take action in international trade.

"On behalf of Wisconsin's dairy producers and agricultural industry, WBA urges Congress to take action quickly to conclude the ongoing international trade discussions. The markets have already priced passage of USMCA, however, our Wisconsin agriculture cannot wait for Congress to act. Wisconsin farmers need Congress to come together on a trade solution.

In addition to ratifying the USMCA agreement, Congress should consider providing additional resources for a Dairy Innovation Hub and also review all recommendations from the Wisconsin Dairy Task Force for potential ideas within the USMCA framework.

Wisconsin's banking industry has a front-row seat to the difficulties ambiguity and uncertainty are causing our state's agricultural industry. Our farmers, dairy producers, and agribusinesses cannot wait. Congress must act now."

By, Amber Seitz