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Tomahawk Community Bank and Merrill Community Bank Are Now Crossbridge Community Bank

Since a merger five years ago, Tomahawk Community Bank and Merrill Community Bank have been operating under two brands. As of June 21, the bank has updated its brand, including name, but has not changed its values or peoples. As the two community banks fully integrated their teams and cultures, staff and community members wanted a new name that would represent the coming together as a unified bank with a single purpose-a name that would embody the bank’s mission and speak to the commitment to help friends, neighbors, and communities get where they want to go. Crossbridge Community Bank remains a true community bank and always will be.

“Since 1920, our bank has been a part of the fabric of our towns. We’ve helped customers overcome obstacles and forged deep and lasting connections,” Kathy Rankin, president of Crossbridge Community Bank stated. “Our new logo is a sign of that shared history, of optimism and hope, of unity and connection. It conveys the strength of our past — and the potential of our future.”

“Our customers will not see significant changes, their account numbers and product offerings will all remain unchanged. The goal of a name change and look was to simply be able to tell our story more clearly and allow for growth that will carry us forward. It is truly as though we are crossing a bridge into our next 100 years,” said Crossbridge Community Bank CEO Mark Zulliger.

Crossbridge Community Bank invites customers to stop in and see what is new. As the bank moves into the next 100 years, they will keep customers and communities as their primary purpose. They promise to keep our purpose first.