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Vernon Jesse Named Chairman of the Board for State Bank of Cross Plains

After nearly 50 years of service to State Bank of Cross Plains (SBCP), Charles L. Saeman is stepping down from one of his two chairman roles associated with the Bank. While Saeman will continue as Chairman of the Bank’s holding company, S.B.C.P. Bancorp, Inc., the Board of Directors has unanimously appointed Vernon Jesse as the new Chairman of the Board for SBCP.

Jesse has been an active Director for both the Bank and the holding company since 2015. The institution has seen tremendous growth during those six years, giving him ample preparation for the important work of steering strategic direction for the future.

An attorney serving the Greater Madison community for 32 years, Jesse has been with the law firm of Murphy Desmond S.C. since 1999. His substantial expertise representing real estate and corporate clients provides insight to many different facets of the Bank’s business. During his tenure to date, Jesse has been instrumental in improving the customer experience for Bank customers and providing long-term value to shareholders.

“We have an awesome Board filled with amazing people,” says SBCP President & CEO, Jim Tubbs. “Vern stood out as the clear choice to lead this organization. His historical knowledge of the Bank, his expertise within the industry, his background as an attorney, and his absolute integrity will be appreciated at every level of Bank interactions.”

The move provides for a seamless transition in anticipation of Saeman’s retirement next year. Saeman joined SBCP in 1972 and worked in a variety of departments throughout the years, including marketing, consumer and mortgage lending, securities portfolio management, and finance administration. He served as Bank President from 2000–2009 and has been Chairman of both Boards since 2010.

“We are really lucky to benefit from Vern and Charlie working cooperatively this year as Vern assumes his leadership role,” shares Tubbs. “It’s such a testament to Charlie’s leadership style that he would see the value in stepping down a year early in order to serve as a resource during the transition process.”

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By, Ally Bates