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Virus Protection for the Modern World

As banking operations have adapted to the demands of pandemic life (more remote work, broader digital interaction with third parties, etc.) institutions should reassess their defenses. Data breaches are on the rise despite the heavy security investments organizations make. If you are still relying on outdated antivirus protection solutions like signature-based architecture, your systems may be at risk.  

FIPCO offers a fully managed solution for Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR): Cynet 360.  

Cynet 360’s Sensor Fusion technology continuously ingests and analyzes endpoint, network, and user activity signals to deliver the world’s first autonomous breach protection platform, providing complete automation of monitoring and control, attack prevention and detection, and response orchestration.

Cynet’s autonomous breach protection solution defends your institution from complex, advanced attacks including malicious macros and exploits or redirection to malicious websites. This solution more accurately identifies suspicious and unauthorized activities than traditional antivirus solutions and enables a more proactive response and remediation of threats.  

Key benefits of Cynet 360 include:  

  • Speed: Fully operable within two clicks and auto-deploys on newly added machines with no human intervention  
  • Accuracy: Collects all core activity signals to gain clear insight into the unique context of each event, reducing false positives to a minimum  
  • Coverage: Airtight protection against all attack vectors that involve users, network files, and hosts  
  • Automation: The widest set of automated response workflows to any type of attack  
  • Backup: An elite time of 24/7 threat analysts and security researchers at Cynet’s Security Operations Center (SOC)

FIPCO and the Wisconsin Bankers Association are so confident in Cynet technology that it has been implemented at our offices, not simply to replace the traditional antivirus solution, but to enhance the overall security to better protect all endpoints. Cynet centralizes and automates breach protection across the entire environment.  

Is now a good time to replace your traditional antivirus solution? Call or email FIPCO Director – Information Security and Audit Ken Shaurette at 800-722-3498 ext. 251 or itservices@fipco.com today to take advantage of these services and ensure the safety and soundness of your business.  
Learn more at www.fipco.com/solutions/it-audit-security/autonomous-endpoint-protection.  


By, Alex Paniagua