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Association Update: WBA CEOnly/CFOnly Networks

Executive network provides unique benefits for Wisconsin banking leaders

By Daryll J. Lund

For several years, hundreds of bank CEOs and CFOs from across the state have benefited from WBA’s CEOnly and CFOnly Networks. Membership in one of these two networks allows bank leaders access to exclusive networking events throughout the year as well as a confidential Q&A service.

As our industry continues to feel economic and regulatory strain, it is critical for bankers to establish positive networks among their peers to share ideas and ask questions. In the last year alone, members have shared over 100 questions and answers amongst the two networks and attended three networking events, which included complimentary breakfast and lunch as well as a guest speaker.

The foundational aspect of information-sharing provided by WBA’s CEOnly and CFOnly Networks has proven to be of unequivocal value and, as the banking industry continues to evolve, will continue to arm Wisconsin bankers with the resources they need to stay a step ahead of the unprecedented.

Membership for the 2023 CEOnly Network and CFOnly Network is now open to all CEOs and CFOs of Wisconsin-chartered banks. Bankers looking to renew or begin their membership can expect the same excellent value — three annual networking meetings and the continued Q&A service — all for only $300 a year. Banks registering both their CEO and CFO will also receive the discounted price of $500.

With the 2023 calendar year right around the corner and membership renewal quickly approaching, make sure your bank leadership has the greatest opportunity to stay informed and connected.

Interested in a 2023 membership or learning more about what the CEOnly and CFOnly programs can offer for your bank? Please contact me or visit wisbank.com/ceonly.