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WBA Creates New Toolkit and PowerPoint to Help Explain CFPB’s Proposed Small Business Data Collection Rule

WBA Legal has prepared a new toolkit to help senior management, commercial lenders, loan processors, compliance officers, and others involved with small business lending to better understand the impact of CFPB’s recently proposed small business rule on the bank. Once finalized, the requirement to collect and report certain data about small business credit applicants will have a dramatic impact on current application and processing operations and record retention.  

A PowerPoint summarizing CFPB’s proposed rule has been created for use by staff who seek to present the main components of the proposal to lending and processing staff. The PowerPoint provides a background, proposed compliance dates, information regarding covered financial institutions, definition of small business, minority-owned and women-owned business, definition of covered application and covered credit transaction, what data must be collected, and reporting information.  

In addition to the PowerPoint, the toolkit also includes a complete outline of the proposed rule, including the proposed commentary and several appendices. CFPB’s proposed rule summary and a data point chart are also included.  

CFPB is accepting comments regarding its proposal. WBA hopes each bank will take into consideration the information provided in this toolkit, assess the proposal’s impact on the bank, and provide comment to CFPB regarding such impact.  

WBA Legal will be creating a draft comment letter for use by members to reply to CFPB regarding concerns and impact of the proposal on banks. WBA encourages each bank to consider submitting its own letter reflecting bank-specific information.  

Feel free to contact WBA Legal at wbalegal@wisbank.com regarding CFPB’s proposal.