WBA-Supported Omnibus Bill Signed Into Law

SB 457 is signed into law.
Governor Evers signs SB 457 into law. Pictured (left to right): Catherine Haberland, DFI; Mike Semmann, WBA; Gary Kuter, Capitol Bank, Madison; Rose Oswald Poels, WBA; Governor Tony Evers (sitting); Nick Kruger, Rep. Katsma's office; Alex Richter, Rep. Katsma's office; Daryll Lund, WBA; and Jon Turke, WBA.

After months of meetings, drafts, debates, hearings, and everything else that goes into taking an idea and creating a law, the WBA-supported omnibus bill (SB 457) has been signed by Governor Tony Evers! 

A huge “thank you” goes out to all the bankers, WBA staff, and legislators who worked on making this proposal into a reality. The bill makes several changes to statutes relating to banking practices. Although many see these changes as tweaks to the law, they will have a huge impact on Wisconsin banks in the future.   

For more information on the bill, click here. 

By, Eric Skrum