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Wisconsin Banks Power Their Communities

How your bank can make the most out of April

By Daryll J. Lund

During the week of April 18–23, the fifth annual Wisconsin Bankers Association (WBA) Power of Community Week will once again bring bankers, Associate Members, and WBA staff together to highlight the collective impact the banking industry has on the communities it serves. This tradition has allowed Wisconsin bankers to demonstrate to the public their ongoing commitment through participating in community service events.

This campaign, held in conjunction with Community Banking Month and Financial Literacy Month, allows bankers not only to further engage with local businesses and organizations, but celebrate the work they do each day in equipping their community members for financial success. Whether it be volunteering with a local non-profit or taking part in National Teach Children to Save Day on Thursday, April 28, bankers have time and time again shown diligence and creativity in their efforts to connect with and empower individuals across the state.

In 2021, over 70 banks across Wisconsin participated in WBA’s Power of Community Week and reported over 2,700 volunteer hours. This remarkable achievement encompasses the dedication and compassion WBA members have for their neighbors. While I understand bankers’ commitment to serving their communities is a year-round practice, I invite you to participate in one or more service events during April to showcase your efforts in empowering members of your community.

During the campaign and continuing after it ends, WBA will highlight your hard work to show the ongoing commitment displayed by Wisconsin’s banking industry. If you know how you’ll be participating in Power of Community Week or want inspiration, visit wisbank.com/BanksPowerWI to share your plan and be added to our state map! Please contact WBA’s Lori Kalscheuer at lkalscheuer@wisbank.com with any questions.