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United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development

USDA’s Rural Business-Cooperative Service offers programs to help businesses grow as well as job training for people living in rural areas.

Our programs help provide the capital, training, education, and entrepreneurial skills that can help those living in rural areas start and grow businesses or find jobs in agricultural markets and in the bio-based economy. USDA and our public and private partners are connecting rural residents to the global economy by:

  1. Supporting business growth and development.
  2. Assisting with creating wealth and supporting rural America.
  3. Improving the effectiveness of programs serving cooperatives
  4. Creating and keeping jobs through recreation as well as restoring, conserving, and managing rural America’s natural resources.
  5. Bringing fast internet to more homes and businesses.

These investments support America’s long-term prosperity by ensuring that our rural communities are able to take care of themselves, grow, and prosper.

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