WBA has three subsidiaries which offer cost-effective and quality products for banks:

Compliant. Consistent. Confident. FIPCO™ helps financial institutions operate more efficiently and profitably through the development, marketing and support of compliant and user-friendly business platforms. These products, in turn, help FIPCO clients provide exceptional service to their own customers, creating trust and confidence.

Midwest Bankers Insurance Services (MBIS)
Customized Insurance Services for Community Banks MBIS is a joint venture by the Minnesota Bankers Association and the Wisconsin Bankers Association and is endorsed by the North Dakota Bankers Association. They specialize in designing and securing programs specifically for community banks in the Midwest. As an independent agency they have access to a variety of insurance providers to help tailor bank plans to meet specific needs.

WBA Employee Benefits Corporation (EBC)/Trust
Coverage for You and Your Employees The WBA EBC markets and services the WBA Insurance Trust Medical, Dental, Vision Care, Prescription Drug, Life plus Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D), Long Term and Short Term Disability coverage to financial institutions and their employees. It also provides an individual accidental death program and a voluntary life insurance program for employees of financial institutions as well as endorsing a BOLI program.