Advocacy is at the heart of what WBA does for its members. We are fortunate to have many individuals on staff, including lobbyists and lawyers, who work tirelessly every day representing banks in Wisconsin.

We are able to speak with a united voice to promote a healthy environment for our members and otherwise advocate on your behalf before state and federal elected officials, regulators and the courts. The tangible return on this significant investment is sometimes hard to quantify but is very meaningful and real.

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WBA offers two avenues for defending Wisconsin's banking industry:

  1. Wisbankpac is WBA's registered political action committee, and it supports candidates from both parties. Wisbankpac is the only PAC that represents the entire Wisconsin banking industry and can support candidates for both state and federal office. The names of individuals who contribute to Wisbankpac are not listed on checks sent to candidates. To contribute, contact WBA's John Cronin via email.
  2. The Alliance of Bankers Political Conduit is like a personal political bank account from which a banker may direct contributions to the pro-banking candidates of that banker's choice. The Conduit triples the impact of a single contribution by sharing the credit between the individual banker, the bank he or she represents, and the banking industry as a whole. Click below to download the donation form.

Regulatory Advocacy: Comment Letters

WBA writes and submits comment letters on behalf of the industry. We encourage all banks to submit their own comment letters. Members are welcome to use WBA's letters as a resource for their own submissions.

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Legislative Advocacy Action Center

This resource allows members to contact their legislators on critical issues in defense of the industry. Pre-written messages are available for a variety of issues currently needing your voice.

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