Executive Total Compensation – Strategies to Motivate and Incent

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Compensation Trends and Best Practices in Today’s Banking Environment

We explore current trends in total compensation for bank executives and key officers. We focus on the key elements that make up the total compensation package: base salaries, annual incentives, long-term incentives, benefits, and perquisites. The session provides an educational overview of various compensation elements, focusing on current trends/best practices within community and regional banks. This presentation also focuses on performance-based compensation approaches that community and regional banks should consider to attract and retain quality officers. We examine the current compensation environment and discuss different performance-based incentive vehicles. We discuss the keys to effective and motivating cash incentive plans and will share what banks are using with respect to equity-based/longer-term incentives. This session incorporates applicable regulatory guidelines and updates surrounding incentive-based pay. Market data from our BCG surveys and databases will be incorporated throughout. As part of this webinar, we will utilize a score sheet that shows how your Bank compares to banking industry best practices regarding executive total compensation.

Covered Topics

  • Example Compensation Philosophy
  • Market data on CEO total compensation
  • Annual Incentive Plan Design Best Practices
  • Annual Incentive Plan Payout Levels by Asset Size
  • How to avoid risk in annual incentive plans
  • Prevalence data on annual incentives and equity grants
  • Summary of different types of equity grants
  • Summary of synthetic equity
  • Example of equity vesting and performance-based grants
  • Prevalence data on executive benefits and supplemental retirement plans
  • Information on Employment and Change-in-Control Agreements

Who Should Attend?

Board Members, Compensation Committee Members, CEOs, senior management, and Human Resource Officers.


Michael Blanchard is the CEO of Blanchard Consulting Group. He has extensive experience in the human resources field and has conducted or supported over 500 compensation planning, market research, and organizational development projects over the past twenty-five years, with over nineteen years specific to the banking industry. Mike has presented to various national and state banking associations including the American Bankers Association, the Bank Director Annual Compensation Conference, and the Western Independent Bankers association on a variety of compensation and board governance topics. With a master's degree in advanced industrial and organizational psychology, Mr. Blanchard’s experience includes advising clients on assessing total compensation, incentive planning, and performance appraisals.

Matt Brei is the President of Blanchard Consulting Group. He has been a compensation consultant since 2000 and has been exclusively focused on the banking industry since 2002. Prior to founding Blanchard Consulting Group, he worked at Blanchard Chase, Amalfi Consulting, and Clark Consulting. Matt started his career at Arthur Andersen. He serves in a lead role with his client engagements and focuses on identifying the unique compensation needs and concerns of each individual client. Matt’s areas of expertise encompass multiple disciplines within executive, director, and staff compensation. Matt frequently speaks at banking conferences on various topics and has written a number of published articles within banking specific publications. Matt received a Bachelor of Arts degree with a double major in Accounting and Business Management from Luther College in Decorah, IA.

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$265 Tuesday, July 6, 2021 1:30 PM Register