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Wisbankpac is the registered political action committee of the Wisconsin Bankers Association. Wisbankpac supports pro-banking candidates throughout Wisconsin by pooling individual banker contributions in order to maximize their overall impact in the political process.

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* The purpose of this checkbox is to provide the authorization required by the Federal Election Commission in order to solicit personal and voluntary contributions from the bank CEO or “the corporate representative with whom the association normally conducts its activities.” Revisions in the Federal Election Campaign Laws permit trade associations to obtain solicitation authorizations from their members for more than one calendar year. By clicking this checkbox, the undersigned chief executive officer or “the corporate representative” of the named bank hereby grants sole and exclusive authorization to solicit the officers, directors, executives, administrative personnel, stockholders, non-salaried employees who own stock, and all the family members of the above stated of this bank on behalf of a federally registered political action committee. The undersigned CEO or “the corporate representative” states that he/she has not granted and will not grant any such sole authorization to solicit on behalf of another federally registered PAC during the calendar year(s) authorized by the CEO’s or “the corporate representative’s” signature.