Wisconsin Banker Ad Specifications

Ad Dimensions
Publication trim size: 9″ (w) x 12″ (h)

Subscription and Circulation
Wisconsin Banker is distributed bimonthly by the Wisconsin Bankers Association. Yearly subscriptions are included in member dues paid by member banks and associate members. Additional annual subscriptions (12 issues) are $45.

Policies and Conditions
The editor of Wisconsin Banker reserves the right to reject any advertising deemed unsuitable or inappropriate for publication for any reason in accordance with the policies and standards of the Wisconsin Bankers Association (WBA). The advertiser, with respect to the advertisement’s contents, holds WBA harmless from claims against it caused by publication of such contents.

Wisconsin Banker Ad Requirements

  • The publication layout program is InDesign (PC platform). Files in Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, etc. cannot be printed.
  • High resolution, optimized CMYK ad PDFs are the preferred file format.
  • Don’t rotate, skew, or distort graphics within the page layout program. Apply these effects in Photoshop or a drawing program.
  • Don’t apply drop shadows, outlines, or italics through type menus. Create shadows and outlines in drawing programs and place files as graphics. Choose the italic font from the pull-down menu.
  • Assign line weight minimum of .6 points.
  • No bleeds.
  • Link all graphics prior to sending files.
  • Use the CMYK color model for colored ads.
  • Pantone PMS spot colors are converted to CMYK when printed, so the color in the final printed ad may not perfectly match the spot color.
  • No loose or stitched inserts are accepted.
  • Email ad files to WBA’s Nick Loppnow at sales@wisbank.com, and identify the advertiser in the email.