How to Place an Ad

Please submit your classified advertisement below to be posted on the website or in the Bankers Marketplace (published bimonthly in the Wisconsin Banker).

If you have not submitted a classified with the new website before, please send a logo file with your ad text, as this will be included with your ad placement. 

WBA will mail you an invoice after we post the classified ad. Please include a name and mailing address for the invoice.



WBA member and associate member rates are $35 per 100 words for one month for publication both online and in the Wisconsin Banker. Ads placed only online cost $30 per 100 words for one month. You must be a WBA member to post an ad. If you are not currently a WBA member, please contact WBA’s Member Relations Team.


Classified ads to be published in the Wisconsin Banker must be 200 words or fewer in length. Online-only ads have no length restrictions.


Classified ads are available to appear online-only or online and in the bimonthly print Wisconsin Banker newsletter. Ads to appear online-only will be posted within 3–5 business days of receipt.

If you are interested in posting an ad in our bimonthly magazine, the deadlines are as follows:

  • January/February 2023: December 12, 2022
  • March/April 2023: February 3, 2023
  • May/June 2023: April 7, 2023
  • July/August 2023: June 9, 2023
  • September/October 2023: August 11, 2023
  • November/December 2023: October 6, 2023
  • January/February 2024: December 8, 2023

In the event of limited space, ads will be printed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Blind Ads

To submit an ad without publishing the name of the bank, simply indicate that you would like the ad to be a Blind Placement in your request. Applicants will be directed to submit their materials to the WBA, which will pass on all information to the requesting bank.


Each employer may include a logo to brand their classified ad. Logo files only need to be submitted once per bank/employer. Subsequent ads will include that logo unless otherwise specified. Files should be .jpg or .gif and will be re-sized for web display.

Internship Postings

WBA member banks may post open internship positions on a complimentary basis on