Opening Complex New Accounts: 2-Part Series

This is a two-part series to be held on October 26th and 28th. The prices below include all sessions. Each session can also be attended individually by clicking on the links below.

Covered Topics
Opening Complex New Accounts Part I: Business Accounts
Opening business accounts can create angst! Sole Proprietorships owned by a married couple, LLCs owned by other entities, LLPs, General Partnerships, Limited Partnerships, and Corporations all can be quite complicated! Why are there so many different types of business entities? What is the securest way to determine who has the authority to transact on behalf of a business entity – especially when owed by another entity? Verifying if a business entity is legitimate and who has the authority to transact on behalf of an entity can be challenging. When can a business owner use an SSN vs. an EIN? When does a bank need a partnership agreement, bylaws, or operating agreement? How does FinCen fit into the picture? In this three-hour comprehensive webinar, participants gain confidence and a clear understanding of the regulatory, compliance, documentation, and proper TIN requirements for opening complex business accounts. This session, although thorough and robust, is not state law specific.

Opening Complex New Accounts Part II: Trust and Fiduciary
Fiduciary accounts are complicated! Formal Revocable and Irrevocable Trusts, Living Trusts, POD, UTMA, POA, Court Ordered, Guardianship, Conservatorship, Rep Payee, and VA accounts represent a Fiduciary relationship and an element of risk if not handled properly. It never fails to raise the panic level when someone dumps a binder full of legal documents on your desk and requests to open a “Fiduciary” account. To compound the complexity, on many occasions, the actual owner of the funds is not present. This three-hour comprehensive webinar, which is Part II of a two-part series, will thoroughly discuss the responsibilities of collecting appropriate documentation, titling accounts correctly, and allowing proper access to Fiduciary accounts not only during life but also at the death of a Fiduciary.

It is highly recommended you have a copy of your financial institution’s account agreement and signature card to use as a reference during the sessions.

Who Should Attend?
Customer contact personnel, supervisors and officers whose responsibilities include opening or managing new accounts. Personal Bankers, BSA Officers, Deposit Operations, Branch Administration, CIP Managers, Training and Business Development Officers, Internal Auditors and Compliance Officers will find the information beneficial. Lending assistants and officers will find the information informative as well.

Suzie Jones relates to her audience. For decades, Suzie opened new accounts, managed new account teams, and provided hands-on input to the AML and BSA Committees within the bank. With over 45 years of banking and 35 years of financial planning experience, Suzie has a reputation as a highly knowledgeable and high-energy speaker with a unique ability to take technical information and make it interesting and applicable. Her real-life examples provide context and depth to complex regulations and documentation requirements.

After 22 years, Suzie recently retired as an Executive Vice President from a $65B regional bank, where she provided overall leadership and risk management to the $11B Investments Division. She partners nationally to provide new account training for individual banks, credit unions, private organizations, and 14 state banking associations.

Registration Options

“Live” Web connection – $485
6-month “OnDemand” website link only – $535
CD-ROM and e-materials only – $625
Live plus OnDemand website link – $665
Premier Package: Live, OnDemand link, and CD-ROM plus – $715


Oct 26 - 28 2021


1:30 pm - 3:30 pm



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