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How is Donald Trump affecting statehouse races? Republicans, Democrats disagree
WBA Banker News Clips for September 30, 2016
Wisconsin Democrats smell opportunities for statehouse gains thanks to the same candidate that Republicans insist is giving their state legislative candidates a boost:
Build Your Nest Egg with 4 Keys to Retirement Savings
Consumer Column for September 29, 2016
Saving for retirement can seem like a daunting task. How do you know how much you need? What are the best ways to save money? When should you start withdrawing those savings? While the path to a...
DFI/OCU Grants UW Credit Union Major Field of Membership Expansion
WBA Executive Letter September 27, 2016
The UW Credit Union board of directors has announced its approval of a change in membership eligibility. In addition to UW System past or present students, now any Wisconsin resident who is...
Compliance Journal
September 2016
Read “Special Focus” for an article on complying with change in bank control rules. Next, turn to “Regulatory Spotlight” for OCC's proposed call report changes. Finally, turn to “Compliance...

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