WBA provides members with a wide variety of informative publications regarding banking industry issues. As a member, you choose which of these valuable resources you wish to receive through your online profile. You can also find the articles online by using our site's search function.

Wisconsin Banker

Wisconsin Banker is the monthly trade publication of the Wisconsin banking industry. Filled with the latest banking news, in-depth feature articles, education opportunities and much more, Wisconsin Banker is the preeminent source for timely, accurate information on Wisconsin’s banks and banking professionals.

Compliance Journal

The Compliance Journal is intended to provide accurate information in regard to the subject matter covered as of the date of publication; however, the information does not constitute legal advice. If legal advice or other expert assistance is required, the services of a competent and professional person should be sought. 

If you are looking for the Compliance Journal Archive, a PDF containing all issues from October 2003 - October 2016, click here to download.

Executive Letter

The Executive Letter is a weekly epublication which serves as WBA’s voice to bank presidents, board members and front line employees alike, and covers the major issues of the day facing banks. For a look at banks around Wisconsin and the nation, and what WBA is doing on their behalf, there’s no better source of firsthand information than the Executive Letter.

The Pundit

The Pundit is WBA’s insider glance at Wisconsin government. Published as needed, The Pundit is every banker’s window into what WBA’s advocacy team is currently working on and anything else of interest taking place under Wisconsin’s Capitol dome. Whether it’s providing state budget updates from the trenches or alerting members to important pieces of legislation concerning the banking industry, The Pundit stays on top of the latest banking issues and debates at the state capitol.

Daily Banker News Clips

The Daily Banker News Clips is a daily epublication delivering all the news headlines of the day that are of interest to bankers like you.

Consumer Columns

Your bank is invited to use Consumer Columns as a community column in your local newspaper, a letter to the editor, part of a rotary speech, a press release or in any other way you see fit. The purpose is to give our members an easy-to-use tool for promoting the banking industry to Wisconsin’s communities.

Education E-News

Education E-News is delivered on an as-needed basis regarding the latest information on continuing education for bankers.

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