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Wisconsin Banker Daily

All Bankers

Formerly known as the Daily Banker News Clips

This daily epublication, launched on April 1, 2020, is the oldie-but-goodie Daily Banker News Clips with even more relevant content, landing in your inbox every morning. It features the familiar collection of headlines related to the banking industry, economy, and politics, with additional informational articles and association updates and events.

Financial Literacy Review

Marketing, Personal Bankers, Branch Managers

Sent monthly by the Wisconsin Bankers Foundation, the Financial Literacy Review provides news and event updates for bankers interested in promoting financial education in their communities. In addition, each issue contains a link to the latest WBA Consumer Column: a brief, education, consumer-focused article that WBA members are invited to use as a community column in the local paper, a blog on the bank’s website, part of a rotary speech, or any other way you see fit, with or without edits to the text. The purpose is to give member banks an easy-to-use tool for promoting the banking industry and financial health to Wisconsin’s communities.

Executive Letter


The Executive Letter is a weekly epublication which serves as WBA’s voice to bank presidents, board members, and front-line employees alike. Sent from WBA President and CEO Rose Oswald Poels, the letter covers the major issues of the day facing banks. For a look at banks around Wisconsin and what WBA is doing on their behalf, there’s no better source of firsthand information.

Banconomics Quarterly Update

CEOs, Directors, General Public

The Banconomics Quarterly Update provides community bankers with essential economic data and research to support public and private decision-making. These updates fill the need for Wisconsin banking indicators presented in an easy-to-access yet comprehensive format for community bankers, public officials, reporters, and industry leaders. The financial data and research found in these updates and on the Banconomics website is fueled by the quarterly release of FDIC banking reports including metrics on profitability, assets quality, and liquidity. The Banconomics Report is a WBA service provided through the Wisconsin Bankers Foundation. Subscribe by emailing Mike Semman!

Compliance Journal

Compliance Officers

The monthly Compliance Journal provides bankers with updates and in-depth analysis on all things compliance. In addition, each issue contains three main sections: 1) the Special Focus, a deep-dive into a timely compliance topic; 2) Regulatory Spotlight, a compilation of relevant notices published in the Federal Register; and 3) Compliance Notes, brief updates from regulatory agencies and/or WBA on specific regulations or statutes.

If you are looking for the Compliance Journal Archive, a PDF containing all issues from October 2003 - October 2016, click here to download.

Education E-News

Human Resources Bankers, Managers, Training Staff

Education E-News is delivered on an as-needed basis regarding the latest information on continuing education for bankers. Subscribe for the announcements and updates regarding in-person conferences, seminars, and workshops as well as virtual education including webinars and self-paced learning. 


Ag Lenders, Compliance Staff

This one is about a niche as it gets! The Hemp-as-it-Happens epublication is sent on an as-needed basis to bankers interested in the goings on of the “growing” hemp industry. Editions vary in length but are guaranteed to provide you with the policy, regulatory, and economic updates you need to serve your hemp customers while guarding your institution against risk.

The Pundit

Any banker interested in politics & advocacy

Sent on an as-needed basis, the Pundit is WBA’s insider glance at Wisconsin government. The Pundit is every banker’s window into what WBA’s advocacy team is currently working on and anything else of interest taking place under Wisconsin’s Capitol dome (whereas the Advocacy Report is intended for Advocacy Officers only). Whether it’s providing state budget updates from the trenches or alerting members to important pieces of legislation concerning the banking industry, the Pundit stays on top of the latest banking issues and debates at the state capitol.

Advocacy Report

Advocacy Officers (exclusive)

Sent each Friday (with the occasional mid-week special edition), the WBA Advocacy Report provides political and advocacy updates bankers should know about with a pinch of salt on the side (aka, commentary from the editors). In addition, each weekly email includes a link to the updated Advocacy Spreadsheet (for the true advocacy nerds) containing a breakdown of all the issues and legislation WBA’s advocacy crew is tracking at the moment. Read to the bottom of the email for the Distraction of the Week.

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