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We are thrilled to announce that WBA has created a way for bankers to stay connected to each other, where they can share their ideas, ask questions, and stay at the forefront of the banking industry while growing their relationships with other member bankers.

WBA Connect is a collection of peer communities in the areas of Enterprise Risk Management, Technology & Operations, Marketing, Retail, HR & Org Development, and DEI, designed to keep bankers connected and help one another grow. Membership in each WBA Connect group comes with access to that group’s exclusive online peer-to-peer listserv, and four peer connection meetings with that group per year. 

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Peer Groups Available

  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Technology & Operations
  • Marketing
  • Retail
  • HR & Org Development
  • DEI

What's Included

Membership in each WBA Connect group comes with access to that group’s exclusive online peer-to-peer listserv, and four peer connection meetings (either virtual or in-person) with that group per year.

Each peer group will schedule a summer peer group meeting for a date and time in July, and either hold it in-person at the WBA office or virtually via Zoom. The members of each group will then identify future meeting dates together. Throughout the year, bankers in each peer group can keep in touch, ask questions, and share ideas using the group's exclusive peer-to-peer listserv (using Google Groups).


There is an annual fee for membership in each WBA Connect peer group. Membership begins on June 1 and goes through May 31 of the following year.

The membership fee is $195 for one peer group membership, or $895 for up to six memberships (to be used between one to six staff members). Each banker can sign up for one or multiple memberships. If your bank would like to register a larger team for more than 6 memberships, please reach out to WBA's Lori Kalscheuer via email.

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