What does onboarding look like in your organization? What do you want it to look like? Onboarding should not be an afterthought as it is the new hire’s first impression of the company they are going to work for.

How do you check all the required boxes while still maintaining the interest of your new hire? Wow them with a genuine interest and care in their success with your bank. Learn how to excel at new employee onboarding seeing everything through the lens of the new hire.

Raise the bar when it comes to engaging and training new hires. Aimed at management and anyone that hires, trains, and onboards new employees.

What we will cover:

  • How to set the tone for success
  • Creating an engaged environment from the start
  • Best practices for successful onboarding
  • Set the stage for employee engagement
  • Customizing the new hire experience
  • On-going coaching and support – what does this look like?
  • Review a template that works

Target Audience:  All managers and supervisors who hire and onboard employees. Anyone responsible for the onboarding process.

Presenter: Vicki Kraai, InterAction Training

Registration Option: Live presentation $330

Recording available through January 5, 2023

This program will step you through the best practices of hiring for the right fit. Being intentional about training managers and supervisors on the hiring process is key to creating stellar teams.

What’s our end game? Hire right, coach great, and build strong teams. This program will step you through the best practices of hiring for the right fit. Being intentional about training managers and supervisors on the hiring process is key to creating stellar teams.

Raise the bar when it comes to best practices for hiring for the right fit. Aimed at management and anyone that is involved in the hiring process, the interview, and selection of new hires.

What You will Learn:

  • How to set the tone for success — seeing everything through the lens of the candidate
  • Establishing desired attributes for the individual positions we are hiring for
  • Preparation involved in conducting interviews
  • Learning from recent hire decisions — are the right people or the wrong people leaving?
  • Understanding the importance of being an employer of choice
  • Considering cultural fit in the hiring decision
  • Best practices related to the candidate evaluation process

Target Audience: Human resource officers, supervisors, CEOs

Presenter: Vicki Kraai, InterAction Training

Registration Option: Live presentation $330

Recording available through March 1, 2023

Group of people conversing

The WBA Supervisor Boot Camp will start on Tuesday, October 18, 2022 at 9:00 a.m. and adjourn on Wednesday, October 19, 2022 by 4:00 p.m. 

An Intense Focus on Succeeding at Managing Others

You don’t master the art of supervision through luck, you master it with training, experience, self-learning, and staying on top of best practices. As a supervisor, you must have the attitude, aptitude, skill set, confidence, persistence, and commitment to excel in this multi-tasking, challenging role. Supervisor Boot Camp will help you build essential traits such as leadership, professional maturity, and emotional IQ.

With this in mind, InterAction Training has designed a compelling, two-day dynamic, interactive workshop just for you! The program includes exploring the coaching and leadership skills that lay out a plan for your success as a highly effective supervisor. You will find this experiential training opportunity invigorating, motivating and applicable to managing and supervising others.

Fast-Paced * Information Packed * Results Oriented * Dynamic * Interactive * Engaging

This two-day program is exactly what you are looking for if your bank strives to keep supervisors on the competitive edge! You will work and learn, share and listen, and go back eager to implement and make a difference.

Speaker: Vicki Kraai, CEO, InterAction Training

Tuesday Agenda, 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.

Assessing Your Supervisor Effectiveness

  • Practice self-evaluation on 12 critical supervisory disciplines
  • Learn how to capitalize on the strengths and overcome the trouble spots of your styles
  • Learn how to interact effectively with other styles
  • Make effective choices to be successful and effective in any situation

Motivating Yourself and Others

  • Why do we do what we do, how to gain buy-in from your team
  • Understand yourself and others
  • Understand motivation
  • Describe what constitutes quality work
  • Explain Choice Theory
  • Illustrate coaching techniques
  • Express good questions using the WDEP system
  • Discover the value of an Action Plan

Wednesday Agenda, 8:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m.

Excelling at Leading, Supervising & Coaching

  • Help others achieve
  • Address difficult or uninspired team members
  • Manage resistance
  • Coach with positive confrontation
  • Solutions and creative alternatives to challenges you face
  • Manage your job: prioritizing, setting goals, establishing standards, planning
  • Relate to others: listening, organizing, communicating, giving and receiving feedback
  • Develop your team: training, coaching, delegating, appraising, counseling and disciplining
  • Think clearly: analytical thinking, problem solving, decision making and risk assessment
  • Your Action Plan: Identify what needs to improve and building your improvement plan

Building Performance Plans

  • Build collaborative performance plans with employees
  • Consider the causes of employee performance or behavioral issues
  • Understand the performance improvement plan process
  • Identify the leader’s role during performance plan execution

Registration Information: The registration fee of $535/attendee includes program registration, instruction and materials, online DiSC assessment test, and daily lunch and refreshment breaks.

The WBA Branch Manager Boot Camp will include 4 virtual half-day sessions. Sessions will be held on Zoom from 8:00–11:00 a.m. CT on September 22, October 20, November 10, and December 15, 2022.

About the Program:
Want to grow your total assets in excess of 20% year-over-year? Wish to grow your deposit base by more than 20%? Then consider an investment in training your branch managers in our Branch Manager Bootcamp!

What does your branch have that alternate branch channels and non-bank competitors don’t? The branch has you and your people. As the number of branch transactions continues to fall, community banks and credit unions must reassess the role of the branch manager. Companies must invest in the manager, giving him or her the right people, tools, client goals, and sales goals, and step back and watch the results change into a dynamic source of profitability.

This exciting, four-part series will focus on the next generation manager who will be leading the transition to client relationship management, and to managing an active advisory environment for the client to achieve financial goals. The next generation manager will be leading this vital transformation.

The program will focus on the critical skills and expectations that need to be developed to ensure that the next generation branch manager will exceed expectations and goals set for him or her. Participants will engage in discussions, small group activities, and skills practices to ensure that ideas are shared and learning is entertaining and adopted.

Who Should Attend:
New and experienced Branch Managers, Assistant Branch Managers, Teller Supervisors, Lead Frontline Professionals, and any professional aspiring to lead the team in a retail branch.

Registration Information: 
The registration fee of $800/attendee includes program registration for each of the four sessions, instruction and electronic materials. Upon completion of all four sessions, attendees will receive a certificate of completion for the Branch Manager Boot Camp.